Norman Brown

Norm has worked on backend architecture and on big data projects for over seven years. Most of his experience has been within the financial sector.


It's in our core to see a problem and want to fix it. When we experienced how difficult it was to be a client, we wanted to deliver better digital marketing experiences.

An ash I know there stands, Yggdrasil is its name


Getting started wasn't easy with the both of us in corporate career paths. We struggled to find the time to develop our skills and grow a business.

Just as from Niflheim there arose coldness and all things grim

Crossing the Bridge

After years of honing our skills in corporate careers, we learned how to transfer those experiences into our agency efforts.

Heimdall there, O'er men holds sway, In his well-built house


We've discovered what our goal is. It's to assist customers in realizing their needs and to assist them in understanding that a lot can be accomplished with very little.

There shines from his arrow the sun of gods of the Slain

Meeting Goals

Everything we do is driven by metrics or KPIs that align to goals defined by both us and the customer.

A right to feast AND drain immortal bowls, In Odin's hall

Creativity & Freedom

As a small studio, we're able to approach each and every project with a level of creativity and freedom that our clients don't typically find in large agencies.

Emerald rings on brown heath tracing, Trip it deft and merrily

Biting Us In The Rear

We don't always avoid getting bit, but we manage to avoid it most of the time by better understanding what can be done to make the entire process easier for clients.

The serpent soon Enclosed the world, With tail in mouth

Where Bad Ideas Go

Sometimes - rarely - our best ideas don't always work the first time and we're not afraid to admit it. When they don't work, we're quick to the rescue.

Speak of those happenings which have been before

Tell us about your ideas